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Femto-LASIK: The most advanced and safest laser eye correction

Trust the best ever laser technology, our experienced surgeons, TÜV SÜD certified quality – for your eyes and your life

Laser eye treatment with the femtosecond laser

Laser eye treatment aims at correcting refractive errors. Today, the Femto-LASIK is the most sophisticated method, also called “bladeless LASIK”. The small round corneal flap in this method is not prepared with a microkeratome (a kind of surgical knife with a blade), but with the femtosecond laser. This means that the corneal lamella can be extremely thin, with less corneal tissue being removed and no cut-related problems by mechanical blades. Resulting in further reduction of already low complication rates.

Bladeless LASIK

Bladeless LASIK

Thanks to the femtosecond laser there are no cut-related complications (Refractive Suite).

Gentle and precise

Gentle and precise

Most sophisticated technology provides the highest level of gentleness and precision.

Even for me

Even for me

In Femto-LASIK your thin cornea may not be an exclusion criteria anymore.

Revolutionary laser eye surgery:
The Refractive Suite for Femto-LASIK

Laser eye technology at REALEYES today is safer than ever and consequently follows patients’ individual needs. Do not just rely on the experience of your surgeon but also on state of the art technique.

REALEYES is a pioneer in the best and safest technology throughout Bavaria: Since September 2012 we have been working with the WaveLight® Refractive Suite by Alcon.

Cutting-edge technology for the benefit of your eyes

Refractive Suite

This innovative and superfast refractive platform provides a revolutionary combination of the two laser systems Excimer-Laser EX500 (500 Hz) and Femtosecond-Laser FS200 (200 kHz) and an integrated computer network (WaveNet®).

This means that all preoperative examination results are bundled for maximum transmission reliability. The preparation of the corneal flap (femtosecond laser) and the correction of the refractive error (excimer laser) are linked and allow the most efficient and safest laser surgery of all time.

Overview of technological advantages

Individual comfort

  • Faster and more comfortable treatment than ever
  • Individual, pinpoint tissue removal
  • Tissue sparing procedure (less tissue removed)

Cutting-edge technology

  • Combination of all relevant data and results
  • Optimized laser beam
  • Treatment of smallest aberrations in high diopter ranges

Maximum safety

  • Highest precision
  • Predictable results
  • Reduces risk of errors
Alternative treatments

If your cornea isn’t thick enough or your diopter values too high there are alternative laser eye treatments (PRK, LASEK, Epi-LASIK). Just trust in our medical expertise: We will find the best possible treatment for your individual needs after a detailed preliminary examination.

Treatment procedure

For your clear understanding of every treatment step we will explain the whole procedure exactly to you at REALEYES. We want you to be familiar with what is happening to minimize nervousness.

Before the procedure

After final detailed diagnostics you will be prepared for the ambulatory surgery. This will take about 10 minutes. The surgery itself is about 5 to 10 minutes long.

Laser eye surgery

The eye is locally anesthetized with drops, sterile covers are put around it and an eyelid holder fixes your lid: Your eye may feel a bit tight.

For Femto-LASIK a fixation ring is placed on your eye and a contact glass thereupon. A computer-controlled laser delivers rapid pulses of light to a pre-programed depth and position and creates the flap, which is then gently lifted. You feel a slight sense of pressure.

After „flapping“ back the corneal flap the surgeon reshapes the exposed lower corneal tissue – an area in which you don’t feel any pain – according to your prescription. The correction is absolutely precise and careful. It only takes a few minutes and feels like drizzling rain. Your vision may be blurred, but there is no pain at all.

After the surgery the flap is repositioned and works as a natural band-aid for the corneal tissue. A short time later the cornea regains stability and the eyelid holder can be removed. Normally, you have a slight foreign body sensation for about two or three hours.

After the procedure

  • Check-up immediately after surgery
  • You are supplied with medication, rules of conduct and an emergency phone number
  • Maybe see to find company for your way home
  • Keep your eyes closed for a few hours at best
  • Avoid eye rubbing and water contact
  • Most importantly: Look forward to a new life free from glasses – only a few more hours away!

What’s next?

After only 24 hours you will see good enough to get everday jobs done easily. After about three months your „new“ visual acuity is fully achieved. Unfortunately, there may be inconstancies during the first months as well as glares from the sun or automobile headlights. After all, your brain and eyes will have to get used to the changed situation.

You will have your first follow-up at the Realeyes laser center the day after surgery. The next post-procedure examinations (after one week, one month, 3, 6, 12 and 24 months) will be conducted by one of our surgeons or by your treating eye specialist. These follow-up appointments are essential for perfect healing, so please do keep them in your own interest.

The first week after surgery you have to do without make-up. Normal hygiene (and also washing your hair) – without rubbing your eyes – is allowed after one day.

Avoid physical exertion up to one week after surgery. After that you may play sports safely. However, pay attention in contact sports and martial arts. Please discuss your favourite sport with us in advance.

Normally, you may start your working-routine after only one day of recovery. However, we recommend that you take it easy for a few days. Your doctor is not allowed to give you a sick note, but why not indulge in just a few days off for the sake of your new „vision“.

Special care for anxious patients

Relaxed and free of fear into a new life without glasses: laser eye surgery under general anesthesia


Wir bieten Ihnen vom Erstberatungstermin über die Voruntersuchung bis hin zur OP und der medizinischen Nachsorge alle Leistungen und können so die Kosten unter Kontrolle halten. Modernste Technik, Leistungs- und Sicherheitsqualität haben Ihren Preis. Wählen Sie darum den Anbieter Ihres Vertrauens mit Bedacht.


Reliable laser eye treatment has its price. Of course, cheap never automatically means bad, but be careful with very low costs and remember that it’s about your eye health! It should be worth choosing a reliable provider. In the end you should opt for quality in performance and safety not for a cheap bargain.

From 2.250
Euro per eye