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Preliminary examination

A detailed examination of your eyes will show if either laser eye surgery or lens surgery is right for you.

Preliminary examination

Your ticket to a life without glasses or contact lenses

Exact measurement of your eyes

For one thing a detailed examination is your suitability test for laser eye or lens surgery. For another we want to find out whether there are any exclusion criteria (e. g. eye diseases like glaucoma). Furthermore, the examination provides us with accurate and indispensable data for the operation. For eye surgery we are not only interested in visual acuity but also in corneal thickness or size of pupils. That’s why there are quite a number of relevant diagnostic tests to be made.


Before this examination you shouldn’t have worn hard contact lenses for four weeks and soft ones for one week. This period without contact lenses also applies before surgery itself.

Please allow at least one hour for the preliminary appointment. We are going to dilate your pupils. That’s why you won’t be able to safely drive a vehicle. We recommend you to take a taxi or go by public transport.

A preliminary examination provides the following results

  • Vision acuity (refraction):
    Diopter values (refraction of your eyes) are exactly measured.
  • Corneal thickness (pachymetry): By using laserlight the exact thickness of your cornea is recorded – vital suitability data for surgey.
  • Corneal surface and back side (astigmatism): Like a map the topography of your cornea is thouroughly measured. Any diseases or scars would be detected.
  • Pupil diameter: A special pupillometer measures the maximum pupil diameter of your eyes in the dark. This individual result is also essential for suitability: If it is more than the lasered corneal area there would be the risk of increased sensitivity to glare.
  • Length of the eyeball (biometrics): This examination is made with the help of a so-called IOL-Master.
  • Retina: By using eye drops to dilate your pupil we can find degenerations or weaknesses of the retina (if necessary we see to any problems via retina laser).
  • Intraocular pressure measurement (tonometry): The intraocular pressure is measured to exclude glaucoma.

Distinguishing factors for the preliminary examination at Realeyes

Experienced ophthalmologists

  • Examination performed by competent ophthalmologists with expert knowledge

State of the art diagnostics

  • Technically complex and extensive ocular diagnosis at our in-house eye diagnostic centre