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Overview of costs

Wake up in the morning and see clearly, play sports without irritating glasses or read without contact lenses – that’s a worthwhile investment

Costs laser eye surgery

A reliable treatment has its price

Safety and performance quality for your eyes

Modern eye diagnostic and treatment technology have their price. We focus on best individual treatment for you. From a first consultation and preliminary examination to your final surgery and follow-up care REALEYES offers the whole treatment process. For you this means control of services and costs. Of course, cheap never automatically means bad, but be careful with very low costs and remember that it’s about your eye health! It should be worth choosing a reliable provider. In the end you should opt for quality in performance and safety not for a cheap bargain.

TÜV SÜD: a seal of quality

REALEYES has also been evaluated according to rigorous and comprehensive criteria and has been certified with the LASIK-TÜV SÜD from 2010 - 2017. Since 2017, the Lasik-TÜV has been discontinued by the TÜV-Süd.



These services are included in our prices:

Refractive laser eye surgery

  • All preliminary examinations plus wavefront-optimized laser surgery
  • Initial medication and normal follow-up care
  • Surgical post-correction (up to 5 years after treatment) if objectively unsatisfactory result and if an improvement can be achieved according to a surgeon

Refractive lens surgery

  • All preliminary examinations plus lens surgery
  • Local anesthesia incl. relaxing drugs
  • Multifocal lens
  • Initial medication
  • Normal follow-up care

Treatment costs per eye

Refractive Suite


2.250,- EUR

per eye



1.750,- EUR

per eye

lens implant


2.750,- EUR

per eye

Refractive laser lens replacement


2.750,- EUR

per eye

*The costs of laser eye or lens surgery depend on the individual eye, refractive error, corneal thickness, but also on the chosen laser technology/method or the lens type, that’s why final costs can only be planned after the consultation/preliminary examination. If you also opt for general anesthesia these costs are not yet included in the above prices.

Special conditions

We offer specials for students/trainees and partners (Corporate Benefits).

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Your treatment costs can easily be payed in monthly installments. With Medipay you chose term and rates according to your individual capacities.

For more information please contact us by phone 089 45248888 or by e-mail info@realeyes.de. Feel free to request a non-binding offer.

Note: Work out your individual costs with the Medipay rate calculator!