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Introducing REALEYES

If you want to wake up in the morning and see clearly we will help you to achieve your dream of a life free from glasses

REALEYES Team Munich

Your eye laser specialists in Munich

See on the safe side

To see clearly is a basic human need. And quality of life is your claim as a patient. Get support from REALEYES: We stand for long-term experience, medical expertise, highly qualified surgeons, competent staff, reliable technology and quality. We offer the full range of diagnostic and surgical treatment.

Clinic management

We want you to feel comfortable, with the best service you can possibly get. Thus, it is our philosophy to provide specialist knowledge and expertise. We personally take the responsibility for patient satisfaction.

Ophthalmologist Dr. med.Buchmann

Dr. med. Hans-Peter Buchmann:
managing director and director of quality management

Ophthalmologist Dr. Buchmann

Ophthalmologist Dr. med. Dimitriou Zottos

Dr. med. Socrates Dimitriou Zottos:
managing and medical director

REALEYES Munich Dr. Sokrate Dimitriou